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TUBEND Makina, founded in 1976, set out with the vision of leading the metal processing sector. with more than 45 years of experience and a long-established history, our company continues to lead the industry by constantly evolving.

Since its establishment, TUBEND has stepped into the sector with the manufacture of repair and tractor parts, then in 1982 it switched to carpenter machine production. The experience and expertise gained during this period have made our company a permanent player in the sector. TUBEND , which moved to Beşevler Industrial Estate in 1991, contributed to the sector with special manufacturing and spare parts supply to the automotive sub-industry between 1 Dec 1988 and 1999.

In 1999, TUBEND Makina, which focuses on the production of metal processing and pressing machines, came to the forefront by adopting the concept of quality and continuous service in order to adapt to the sector and provide better service to customers. Today, our company operating under the TUBEND brand offers superior quality machines designed to meet various needs in press, aluminum and metal processing machines with a wide range of products.

Our company is a machinery company located in a leading position in the metal processing and forming sector, offering comprehensive machinery and software solutions that combine technology and engineering fields. Managed by a team that has gained expertise in metal processing processes, our company develops state-of-the-art machines and special software to meet industrial demands. These solutions offer our customers unique advantages in increasing their productivity, optimizing business processes and raising quality standards.

Vision and Mission: Our company moves forward with a customer-oriented vision based on customer satisfaction, and its mission is shaped around principles such as focusing on customer needs, providing quality products/services, and sustainability.

Our Services and Products: TUBEND Makina responds to the various needs of its customers by offering a wide range of products/services. By combining metal processing machines with technology, we aim to provide the best experience to customers by adhering to high quality standards.

Technology and Innovation: Our company, which closely follows the current developments, constantly invests in technology and innovation. We always aim to provide customers with products and services in accordance with the latest technology.

Social Responsibility and Environmental Awareness: As a company sensitive to society and the environment, we take an active role in the use of recycled materials and environmentally friendly machines. By adopting the principle of sustainability, we focus on leaving a more livable world for future generations.

As TUBEND Makina, we are proud to contribute to the sector for more than 45 years. With our vision of providing long-term cooperation and excellent service to our customers, we continue to resolutely increase our influence in the industry in the future.


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